Pet Minding

Your pet will be happier and more content left in the comfort of their own home.  In familiar surroundings, their stress is dramatically reduced.  You also eliminate any trauma, plus potential exposure to viruses, disease and parasites, which can be present in catteries and kennels.


At Wags 2 Whiskers we understand your house is your castle.  You can be assured things at home are running as per your instruction, with one of our ‘Police Vetted, Veterinary Nurses’.


Quick sit service

If you travel often and/or with little notice, our quick sit service is for you.  We keep a copy of your key, secure and locked.  No prior reservations necessary. Just contact us no less than 12 hrs prior and we’ll handle the rest.



Meet and Greet                                               FREE


Pet Feeding x 1 visit per day                           $28.00

Pet feeding x 2 visits per day                          $26.00 (per visit)

bigstock-Female-Veterinarian-Holding-A--81935933 (2)Extra pet                                                          $3.00

Medicating                                                       FREE

(Unless it is particularly difficult, then a $5 fee will apply)


Dog holiday package

30 min walk and feed x 2 per day                   $33.00 (per visit)

30 min walk and feed x 1 per day                   $35.00

Key pick up/ drop off                                       $22.00

Subsequent meet and greet


All statutory holidays will

Incur a surcharge                                           $10.00 per day


Pet Taxi

Whether it’s a much needed trip to the vet or a drop off/pick up to and from the groomer, leave it to us.

½ hr ride                                                         $32.00

Every extra 10 mins                                       $10.00


All accounts are required to be paid prior to, or on the day of commencement.   Payment – Cash, Cheque or Direct Debit only.